What Is a Template Node?

A template node is designed to represent a type of system in your organization. You use them to monitor like systems in the same way.

Template nodes can also be used to build a library of utility functions. For example, Bithead has several utility template nodes such as com.bithead.template.ping and com.bithead.template.query. These provide common utilities that many other nodes may find useful. No coding required!

For example, imagine you have a group of services that send data to New Relic. Let’s also imagine that their health can be monitored in the same way. Each service can be identified by the host they are running on. You will then write a NRQL query that can be used to determine the health of the host. Sensor scripts allow you to accept this host value as a parameter to your sensor function. You can then interpolate the host value into your NRQL query, query New Relic, and return the respective data point for that service.